Adofys Weightless Memory Foam Travel Neck Support Rest Pillow India

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Adofys Memory Foam Travel Neck Support Rest Pillow with 2 Eye Mask, Noise Isolating Ear Plugs Portable Combo (Blue)

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Suppose you are to travel a long distance from your city to reach another for your different kind of objectives. It can be business related flight or a travel tour. But for a long distance, people find it difficult to sleep because they can’t rest properly. They can’t sleep properly because their necks are not supported by any means. This can cause you neck problems which in turn will set your appointment to doctor rather than completing  your business trip.

The best solution for neck problems is to have a supportive magic memory foam neck pillow

weightless memory foam travel neck pillow india


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weightless memory foam travel neck pillow india

What kind of experience can it bring to you? This premium neck pillow is a perfect product made for you. If you are planning for a trip that includes traveling by car, bus, plane or train then this product will meet your all requirements. You must consider to have a pillow for your quick nap at any condition. Your search for the best pillow completes here.


  • Made with -Smart ergonomic design
  • Its ergonomic design avoids neck and shoulder stiffness
  • The raised arch holds your head upright
  • Keeps a proper sleeping position
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Weighs only 250 g 
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Roll up the pillow to reduce its volume and put it inside the carry bag
  • Adjustable built-in strap
  • Ideal for both teenagers and adults
  • Invisible back zipper allows you to unzip the cover conveniently
  • Protective cover is detachable, washable and blocks dirt/dust so the memory foam remains clean


Material: Pillow Cover: Premium Velour

Filling: Memory Foam

Size: 30 x 30 x 10 cm

Reduced size when packed in Carry Bag: 10 x 10 x 17 cm

Net Weight: 250 g

Weightless Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow India

In case you experience a harmless “fresh foam” odor, it should dissipate within 2-3 days from when the pillow is unpacked and exposed to air.


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