AqvaFlo A10 Rechargeable Drinking Water Pump India 2020

AqvaFlo A10, Rechargeable Water Dispenser Pump

Rechargeable Drinking Water Pump India 2020 | rechargeable water dispenser pump india 

Rechargeable Drinking Water Pump India 2020


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rechargeable drinking water pump india 2020 | electric water dispenser pump for 20lt bottle india |

Are you a student or a solo person living outside of your city for your different kind of purposes? Are you a family person who is tired of lifting heavy water cans? Then this article is made for you.

People have to depend on the bulky water cans for survival in metro cities. This is a basic requirement for a family. Dispensing water manually in a long term can give you severe problems like back pain wrist injury.

It is a very difficult and boring process to pour out water from certain jars into your utensils. Also, It does not matter whether you are young and muscular or and old guy, no one likes lifting up the water bottle of 20 litres and pouring water into another jar. It is a very hectic and difficult task. You need not to worry anymore. This article will help you to find solution for your problem. 

The solution is very simple. It is “Automatic Water Dispenser pump“.

An ultra modern water dispensing solution in AQVAFLO+ water dispensing pump. It will let you enjoy drinking water without lifting bulky water cans.


  • You will no more require connecting dispense pump with wire to power supply. A rechargeable battery is provided. 
  • Battery can be charged once and used upto more than 5 water cans.
  • Very compact in size.
  • Highly powerful in dispensing out water from water cans.
  • Sits tightly on a water can.
  • Food grade BPA material built.
  • Baby food grade Silicon tube gets clean drinking water without any contamination.
  • Fashionable and fits your room like a permanent part of it.

Why Do You Require “Automatic Water Dispenser Pump”?

The “Automatic Water Dispenser Pump” is a unique technology gift for us. This is a must have item for your home in this modern world. You must give it a try for your home or room.

  • Get rid of lifting the Jar time-to-time.
  • No more need for tilting or lifting the bottle.
  • Avails water easy from the jar within a touch.
  • You don’t have to worry for the hand/backaches which is caused because of lifting the Jar.
  • You don’t have to worry for the proper placement of Jar.
  • If you want to save your time and efforts from pouring of water from Jar, Switch to Automatic water Dispenser Pump.

Benefits of having Automatic Water Dispenser Pump

  • Pouring water is safe and easy
  • Lightweight and convenient to use.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • No Space required.
  • No maintenance cost required.

What To Look Before Buying

  • First and foremost is your budget.
  • Built-Material.
  • The rate of water flow.
  • Flexi-rotation.
  • The product weight.
  • Product Dimension.
  • Warranty.

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