Balzano High Speed Nutri Blender For Best Blending Experience!

Balzano High Speed Nutri Blender For Best Blending Experience!

Balzano 1200W nutri blender is a handy blender made for your requirements. This blender is countertop type. Also this appliance can chop, mix, blend, whip, grind, mince, dice, and more. The Balzano nutri blender comes with Universal blade for chopping, grating and blending. You can use this blender on foods such as onions, cheeses, meats. Use its grinding function on hard foods like coffee, garam masala, jeera, etc. The blades are Universal type. All the blades are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel makes it dishwasher safe. You will never need sharpening of blades. Now make tasty chatni in seconds. The blender is uniquely compact. It takes and  consumes less space as compared to the bulky food processors and mixers. It gives you complete solution. You will definitely like it.

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 There are no multiple and complicated attachments as it it very easy to operate. You get three jars. Stainless steel blades will do all functions. Balzano blender is stylish in design and elegant in construction. There is no problem of any spillage while blending. Make your smoothies directly off the jar. This blender has a very attractive finishing. This blender is just perfect for any kind of modern kitchen.


  • Engineered & Designed in Italy
  • Authentic and superior juicer mixer grinder for mixing, grinding and blending
  • Superior mixing and grinding
  • Lets you effortlessly mix and grind the toughest ingredients in Indian cooking both wet and dry from turmeric and coconut to idli batter
  • Commercial-grade component as BPA free. 
  • Tritan Jars with Tritan material Imported from USA
  • Powerful 1200 watt rated motor with overload protection for continuous operation
  • Advanced One touch Operation
  • 3 program settings for the perfect control including Pulse function and intelligent speed sensor for precise rpm regardless of food load
  • Double safety interlock system
  • Universal blades with hardened stainless steel
  • No need to change the blade whether your purpose is grinding or blending
  • Easy use and quick clean
  • One touch push button operation
  • Easy to operate, clean, detachable, easily washable parts and Dishwasher Safe
  • Leak-proof BPA Free Tritan Jars
  • Capacity is 800 ml
  • Warranty: 2-year total product warranty

Safety Instructions

For most applications, use this blender for 15-30 seconds. It has high RPM and 1200W powerful copper motor. Don’t run for more than 1 minute at a time. Give it a 2-minute break before using again for best performance. Moter is super fast. Bolzano blender blends and grinds ingredients within a minute. It also extracts every drop of antioxidants, vitamins & minerals from your food. This is how it delivers the smoothies in the most digestible form.

Why Choose Balzano Blender 

(1). High Torque Motor

The motor of Bolzano blender is commercial grade 1200W high torque motor. This high torque motor gives the right speed and power for all your Blending, Mixing and Grinding requirements. The intelligent 1200W motor delivers the sufficient amount of desired power for your Juicing, Mixing, Grinding or Nutrition extraction purposes.

(2). One Button Press Pulse Function

There are 3 modes of operation available with a push button button function. On/Off button is to Mix ,Grind , Blend , Idli/Dosa Batter, etc other hard substances. Blend button is there for Juices and Smoothies for nutrition extraction purpose. Pulse function is available for chopping, crushing or other Indian cooking.

(3). Strong Universal Blade

Bolzano blender comes with extra strong hardened universal blade. The blades are specially designed for all purpose usage. The best thing is that you don’t need to change blades. There is just one blade for all functions like mixing, grinding, blending or nutrition extraction.

(4). BPA Free 

Blender jars are made from Tritan material. This material is imported from USA. BPA free jars are the best fit for mixing, blending, grinding. You can use the jars to store or carry with you.

(5). Easy To Use

No more hassle. All you have to do is just add your food and push one button. This process will get high speed extraction of your nutrients from food. It is very simple and easy to clean.

(6). Best Design 

Best design from the team of Pino Spagnolo. This blender is engineered and designed in Italy. This blender is built with quality in mind.

(7). Commercial Grade Components

Bolzaro Blender is specially designed for the Indian kitchen. The blender is really compact in size. Not only that  but it can tackle all the toughest ingredients like Idlli/dosa batter, haldi, dry coconut. The trustworthy commercial grade components will help you mix or grind the toughest ingredients in seconds.

(8). Juice Ready Instantly

All you have to do is just add your food Blend in 30-45 Seconds. Now use the Flip flop lid to carry your health portion. Press the button to operate the blender. This product will perfectly fit in your healthy lifestyle in gym, office and travelling also. 

(9). Quick Baby Food

Now you can prepare your baby food in seconds. Preparing baby food was never easy before. All you have to do is just add and blend baby food. It will be ready in seconds. Also use the blender for sauces, blend soups, smoothies, paste, dressings etc

(10). Make Healthy Drink Easily

Bolzaro blender makes it very easy to prepare healthy drinks and smoothies within seconds. Just put healthy ingredients and use the blender to enoy healthy smoothie or drink according to your taste.



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