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Crompton Water Geyser | Crompton Water Heater Price | Crompton Water Geyser

Crompton offers you an interesting scope of water heaters to browse. These creative water heaters furnish you with the ideal answer for all your heating requires consistently. Today we will pick best Crompton water geyser for home.

Not exclusively do these astutely planned heaters add to the feel of your home however they likewise give incredible accommodation and solace to the water heating measure.

Heated water is needed over time for different purposes yet more so in winter. To get high temp water in the colder months, you need water heaters that work rapidly and keep the water warm for a more extended time so you can utilize it whenever of the day.

Heaters from Crompton give you unrivaled water-heating answers for the colder time of year season. Cleaning, washing and other water-related tasks in winter will be advantageous and bother free with the Crompton water heater.

Why Crompton Water Geysers?

(1). Various Outstanding Features:

The Crompton water heater accompanies numerous presentation upgrading highlights that keep your water heater protected and strong over the long haul. A portion of those advantages would be assurance from erosion and rusting, temperature control, establishment adaptability, speed of heating, tank limit, energy reserve funds, hard-water security and substantially more to furnish you with a definitive heating experience.

You can pick any of the convenient and non-compact water heaters from Crompton. The non-versatile alternatives are the capacity water heater and the moment water heater while the inundation poles go under the compact choice.

(2). Rust Free ABS Body:

The rust-confirmation ABS body gives your water heater erosion security in this manner guaranteeing supportability. There are no issues with rusting in these water heaters because of the predominant polymer or glass line covering, non-ferrous plate and a weldless tank. Temperatures are controlled and won’t cross a particular cutoff with the accuracy pre-aligned indoor regulator.

The triple shield innovation shields the tank from hard water buildups. At the point when the hard water deposits settle at the lower part of the tank, it can influence the exhibition of the water heater. The three-level insurance guarantees that the water is warmed successfully and doesn’t let hard water minerals get comfortable the tank.

(3). Overheat Protection:

You get wellbeing highlights that make these heaters durable and stun safe. Overheat security highlights ensure the heating component. The submersion bars accompany a stun verification plastic handle. You additionally get adaptability in establishment with the 8 out of 1 fitment alternative.

The counter siphon highlight deals with any reverse of water. The water warms up rapidly with the 1200-gm amazing heating component made of 3000-watt copper. Contact between the hot and cold water is forestalled by the novel Gyroscopic Innovation which additionally guarantees quicker heating.

(4). Scale And Cost:

Scale development is forestalled with the Incoloy heating component. You have adequate heated water throughout the day with the high tank limit and you likewise save energy with the backup cutoff and Insitu PUF. These water heaters are shielded from hard water by the Triple Shield Insurance. The Crompton water heater cost is very sensible thinking about these advantages.

1. Crompton Bliss 1-Litre Instant Water Heater

Crompton Water Geyser

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  • Best Multifunction safety valve
  • 6.5 bar pressure
  • Stainless steel weldless tank
  • Rust free ABS body
  • Product Dimensions: 26.5 cm (Length) x 22 cm (Width) x 42.5 cm (Height)
  • Special type copper element
  • Capacity: 3 liters
  • Power: 3000 watts

2. Crompton Arno Neo ASWH-3006 6-litres  Storage Water Heater

Crompton Water Geyser

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  • Sturdy Body with power indicator
  • With PUF
  • Advanced 3 level safety
  • Powerful heating element
  • Best for high rise buildings and bathroom
  • Assured Performance even with hard water
  • BEE Star Rating: 5 Star
  • Wattage: 2000 W
  • Capacity: 6 liters

3. Crompton Amica ASWH-2010 10-L Storage Water Geyser

Crompton Water Geyser

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  • Powerful heating element
  • 8 Bar pressure
  • Safe and secure
  • Powder coated metal body
  • 25 litre capacity
  • Energy saving 
  • InSitu PUF
  • Smart Energy Management
  • 5 Star Rating


Worked with excellent material, the incredible copper heating component empowers the spring to warm the water super quicker. Including 8 bar pressure, the Amica Water Heater is reasonable for tall structures and can withstand pressure up to 8.0 kg/cm2.

With a high accuracy indoor regulator, reset handle and pre-set warm cut-out, it gives double wellbeing. It is designed to remain shielded from abrupt force cut and voltage varieties. To keep the spring rust-evidence, its metallic body is powder covered to an assemble a skin. It is extremely useful in keeping the water heater sturdy and workable even following quite a while of use.

To furnish you with a constant boiling water supply at whenever of the day, the Crompton Amica Water Heater includes a tank with the limit of 25 liters. Excellent PUF froth keeps up boiling water for longer length by guaranteeing high warmth maintenance and assists with diminishing your power bills.

Highlighting a brilliant plan with Reserve cut off, it devours less power and performs productively without settling on quality.

Following all principles of wellbeing and security, it likewise ends up being an energy-productive water heater with 5 star rating.

4. Crompton Solarium Qube 15LTR, 2KW Storage Water Heater

Crompton Water Geyser

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  • Prevalent polymer covering, 8 bar pressure, rust-confirmation body
  • Progressed 3 level security
  • Heating component : Copper
  • Ground-breaking heating component
  • Interesting square body
  • Honey bee star rating: 5 star
  • Flexible handle for temperature settings between 25 °c to 75°c for energy reserve 


Solarium Qube water heater have 1200 gm predominant heating component for quicker heating. It warms up the water to 45°C shortly. Brilliant plan with reserve cut off assistance burns-through less power.

High evaluation puff protection guarantee heat maintenance consequently lessening your power bills. 8 bar pressure rating of Solarium Qube can withstand extraordinary weight and is in this manner reasonable for elevated structures.

Solarium Qube is furnished with predominant indoor regulator and cut out systems that directs water temperature and stay away from its overheating by turning off the heating component when the ideal temperature is reached.

Crompton Solarium Qube accompanies solid body that offers durability and high warmth obstruction. To keep the tank from consumption, Solarium Qube is furnished with unrivaled polymer covered water tanks.

5. Crompton Solarium Neo 10-Litre Storage Water Geyser

Crompton Water Geyser

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  • Single weld tank decreases odds of spillage by 66 percent glass line covering for consumption security and longer existence of fountain
  • Incoloy heating component for quicker heating 
  • Elite water heater that works in hard water
  •  4 layer channel lessens the impacts of hard water salts
  • Lessens up to 90% chlorine, eliminates channels residue, pollutants, awful stench and bacterial development
  • Magnesium anode for consumption security
  • ABS rust confirmation body
  • 10 bar pressure, reasonable for tall structures
  • Multi work valve for security of clients
  • 5-Star evaluated energy proficient spring alongside pre-set warm cut-out for dry heating assurance
  • Magnesium anode defender goes about as an enemy of destructive safegaurd
  • Customizable handle for temperature settings between 25 C to 75 C for energy investment funds
  • Limit: 6 liters
  • Guarantee: 2 years on item, 7 years on tank and 3 years on heating component
  • Force: 2000 watts
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