Dabur Honey vs Patanjali Honey | Which is better?

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Dabur Honey vs Patanjali Honey | Which is better?

Honey is the only thing in the world that does not get rotted or wasted. But this happens only with pure honey. Especially in the winter season, its consumption increases in India. There are so many brands producing honey and they claim it as pure. The two famous brands are Dabur and Patanjali honey. So in this article, we will compare Dabur Honey vs Patanjali Honey. In the end, you will get to know which one is better?

Quick Review Table:


Dabur Honey

Patanjali Honey




Customer Attraction

25gm free with 250gm

No free offers








Glass bottle

Plastic bottle


Almost no smell

Strong smell


Rich Taste

Too sweet

Dissolve Effect

Dissolve easily

Takes some time

Dabur Honey vs Patanjali Honey Comparison Review

(1). Cost:

First thing first let us talk about the cost of an individual brand. For example, if we take a 250 gms bottle of Patanjali and Dabur honey, you will see a huge price difference. 

Dabur honey costs around 102 Rupees which is around 41 paisa per gram whereas Patanjali honey costs around 70 Rupees which is around 28 paisa per gram.

So cost-wise, Patanjali honey wins as it is cheaper as compared to Dabur honey.

(2). Customer Attraction:

Customer attraction means that how these brands give special offers and attract their customers. Dabur honey has a special offer as a mini bottle of 25 gm comes absolutely free with it. However, Patanjali does not have any such offer.

Both brands run their advertisements on various platforms. So they have different approaches to attract their customers. Dabur wins here as it gives a “FREE” offer and customers always look for the extra things.

(3). Color of The Honey:

The color of the honey is a vital factor as it tells about the source from which honey is taken. Both brands have different colors of honey.

Dabur honey is darker in color as compared to Patanjali honey. So the color suggests that both these brands have different natural sources to get raw honey.

(4). Density:

Density wise you will find that Dabur honey is thicker and denser whereas Patanjali honey is less thick or denser. 

If you take two spoons full of each brand’s honey and then try to fall it then you will see that Dabur honey falls slowly as compared to Patanjali honey. So, it totally depends on your choice whether you like denser honey or not.

(5). Packaging:

Packaging of both Dabur honey and Patanjali honey is way different. Dabur honey cones in glass bottles whereas Patanjali honey comes in plastic bottles.

Well personally feel that we should avoid plastic as much as we can. So Dabur is a much better choice in respect of packaging.

(6). Smell or Fragrance of Honey:

The smell of both brand’s honey is totally different. If you try Dabur honey then you will not feel any smell of honey which is good. 

Now, if you check Patanjali honey then you will feel a strong smell which some people might not like. So it depends on your choice.

We personally feel that Dabur is much better in the view of smell.

(7). Taste of Honey:

The taste of Dabur and Patanjali honey is very different. Dabur honey has a very rich taste whereas Patanjali honey is too sweet to taste.

So if you like the sweet taste then go for Patanjali honey and if you don’t like the sweet taste then you can go for Dabur honey.

So it totally depends on your choice.

(8). Dissolve Effect:

After tasting we found that both kinds of honey dissolve well in the warm water. But we found that Dabur honey dissolves much faster as compared to Patanjali honey. 

So dissolve wise Dabur honey wins here.

Our Best Pick in Dabur Honey vs Patanjali Honey

We honestly feel that Dabur honey is much better as compared to Patanjali honey. We are not criticizing Patanjali honey. In fact, we are picking the better of the two brands honey.

Dabur has a rich taste, less sweet, highly and fastly dissolvable, rich in color, better packaging with a light fragrance. This is why we pick Dabur honey as a winner of the two.

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comment box. 

Thank you all for reading this far. Please do share this comparison article of Dabur Honey vs Patanjali Honey review with your family and friends. 



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