Figment Night Light Projector Sky Star Master Projector USB Lamp

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Figment Romantic Sky Star Master Night Light Projector Children Kids Baby Sleep Lighting USB Lamp Led Projection

Figment Night Light Projector

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Do you know that you can fill your room with Stars that are beautiful with. This projector fills your room with stars and moonlight. You will feel like your boring room suddenly turned into a beautiful looking place. It gives you feeling as if you were laying under the stars and moonlight.

Figment Night Light Projector


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This star light projector lamp is a great night light fun source for your kids. They will no more be scared of the dark at sleep time. It has 4 led beads of blue light,warm light,green light, red light. Also, the light is very soothing. Star projector night lighting will make sure that the baby/kid’s room is full of light. This will provide your child beautiful astronomical universe effect. This can be a good source for romance also.


  • This projector can use the USB or battery power supply
  • Luminous or colorful light
  • So beautiful
  • Perfect Gift for your loving ones
  • Better sleep at night
  • For decorating wedding, birthday, parties
  • Enhance your romantic activities with night lamp and decoration light
  • Best for home, bedroom, children rooms
  • Very romantic night
  • Power by 4 x AAA battery or USB cable
  • Energy power saving and environmental Friendly

Figment Night Light Projector

The product has three buttons. All of these buttons are for different light projections. Romantic cosmos star night light adopts 4 led starry bulbs. It comes with the activity of 360 degree panoramic projection. This is why you and your children feel like you were in the beautiful galaxy. Be ready as you will see amazing red, green, and white stars swirling and twinkling around the room.

This product is Multi-functional as it uses the light cover to turn it into a table lamp. It has a silent design which emits light with almost no noise while rotating. Also, it has multiple light settings. This product has 9 different color options in total.

Button Functionality

A Mode: Warm white light comes with on/off switch

B Mode: Lighting effect toggle  effect

C Mode: Rotation on/off switch


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