Fitkit FK600 Best Affordable Airbike For Home India [2020]

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Fitkit FK600 Best Affordable Airbike For Home India [2020]

After watching over 230 positive reviews, now we have come up with the idea of best airbike for home gym. Fitkit FK600 is the Best Affordable Airbike For Home in India.

If you are worried about joining gym to lose weight then you have a good alternative. Most of the times you will find that gyms are filled with people.

Also the main problem is not the people but the hygiene. No doubt that you some times found that the airbike you want to use in your time frame is possibly be used by others.

Also, there is a possibility that you really don’t have time to join a gym. Why? Because you have a very busy schedule. Modern lifestyle is so busy. 

Also, due to corona outbreak, people will not prefer to go to gym. You don’t know what kind of health problem is awaiting outside for you?

So the best alternative which comes directly to your mind is to get an airbike for your home gym setup. Not only you will have the liberty to use it anytime you want but also you will have no tension of any hygiene as everything is under your control.

Fitkit FK600 Airbike is the best and affordable airbike that is very useful when it comes to lose weight by cycling at home gym.

So, without wasting much time, let us see what great features it has to offer you to make you have one airbike for your home gym.


Do you want to get fit and lose weight? Do you want to do that at your own home? If you want to avoid any gym and cycling on the road then Fitkit FK600 Steel Airbike is the best option to have.

Fitkit FK600 Steel Airbike is a dual airbike as you can do both upper and lower body exercise when you want to do. This airbike machine is very easy to operate as a novice can use.

You can apply manual resistance by using a knob. It totally depends on you whether you want to increase or decrease the resistance according to your requirements.

It has high adjustable seat. Adjustable feature makes it really convenient to make seat high or low according to the different height people. There is a knob given to adjust it.

The saddle is very comfortable and your shoes will fit in it so no problem of slipping. Also, you will see a digital monitor screen to show you different aspects of your health. 

The LCD display monitor will show you the calories burned, distance covered, speed rpm and time to let you know all of them perfectly and precisely.

Fitkit FK600 Steel Airbike

Fitkit FK600 Steel Airbike

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  • 5 function in one screen
  • Get to know time, speed, calories burned, distance covered and scanning
  • Total body workout (upper and lower)
  • Scan feature make you aware of calculations 
  • 6 months warranty against any manufacturing defects
  • High adjustable seat to sit and comfortable saddle to fix you shoes
  • Adjustable knobs to increase/decrease resistance and seat height
  • Anti-slip wide base is provided
  • 3 kg fly wheel to make air work as good resistance to work hard
  • Very compact and fashionable design
  • Maximum user weight support is 100kg
  • Occupy very less space in your home


  • Very compact design
  • upper and lower body workout to lose weight
  • Best home gym setup airbike at affordable price


  • The weight capacity is 100 kg 

Frequently Answered Questions

Q(1). Are tools come up with this product for installation?

Ans. Yes you will be provided tools for installation.

Q(2). What is the maximum weight capacity?

Ans. 100 kg is the maximum weight that it can support.

Q(3). Is handle fixed or movable?

Ans. The handle is movable – to and fro.

Q(4). What if paddle is broken ? Can I buy another replacement accessory?

Ans. Yes you can buy replacement accessory as things can be fixed.

Q(5). How does it work?

Ans. It works on a 3kg flywheel that provides proper air resistance for you to work hard.

Q(6). How should I clean my airbike?

Ans. You can clean it with water or other cleaner but make sure you avoid any liquid cleaner on digital screen.

Q(7). How much space does it take?

Ans. It will take around 4 feet space of your home.

Product Images

Fitkit FK600 Steel Airbike

Fitkit FK600 Steel Airbike

Fitkit FK600 Steel Airbike


LCD screen

Our Honest Review

So far so good. We would say that the product is quite good for people who are upto 100 kgs. But if you are over 100 kgs then you should avoid this airbike. 

However, you can choose other airbike which has more weight handling capacity. 

The product is well designed. There are many great features like calories counter, distance covered, speed and time measurements. 

Very compact and fashionable design. Flywheel mechanism is great for you. Also, the machine is available at an affordable price so it is a win-win situation.


So, Fitkit FK600 Steel Airbike is really good alternative to the people who can’t join gym for any reason like busy schedule or lack of hygiene.

Fitkit FK600 airbike is best solution to the people who want to fight against overweight problem at home.

If you have bought this product already, please share your reviews in the comment box so other people might know of it too. 

If you found this product review article informative and useful then make sure you share it among your friends and family. Thank you for reading. 

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