Folding Sidhi Plantex Prime Steel 6 Step Ladder for Home

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Plantex Prime Steel Folding 6 Step Ladder for Home – 6 Wide Anti Skid Steps (Blue & Black)

So, you want to pick something where you can’t approach. You want to clean the areas of your house where you find it hard to approach. How will this problem be solved? Well, answer is simple. You just need a ladder that is flexible and strong and tough. Also, it should have the functionality of anti skid. You just need to make household tasks easy with this handy ladder / folding sidhi / Step Sidhi. What do we need in a ladder?

Extra large steps provide stable footing experience. Lightweight design makes it  easy to carry from a place to another. With a comfy and convenient hand grip, It makes the ladder easy to climb and carry. Easy folding capability combined with a locking mechanism to ensure security and stability.

folding sidhi


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Plantex High Grade Heavy Steel Folding 6 Step ladder is the perfect tool that fits your daily requirements. Whenever you need a little extra height for reaching items, use this folding sidhi. It has maximum 150 kg weight capacity. Feel safe and comfortable reaching to hard paces. Steps make it possible for you to reach things that were a time consuming process before. This convenient ladder will make household chores much easier.


  • Made from high strength durable steel pipe with 6 way processed powder coated
  • Secure and stable structure
  • Can be used for a long term
  • Closed size:- (L) 6 cm x (b) 54 cm x (h) 208 cm 
  • Opening size:- (L) 119 cm x (b) 51 cm x (h) 192 cm
  • Ideal For Every Household, Office, Warehouse, Godown Or Shop
  • Top platform from ground:- 139 cm
  • Wide steps:- 20 x 30 cm
  • Wide platform:- 25 x 30 cm
  • Distance between steps:- 23 cm
  • Steps made from steel with plastic grip
  • Stable standing and tilt up for folding
  • Extra wide steps covers with grip (Anti Skid Feet Step )
  • Non-marring leg keep floors avoiding scratches
  • Enough to support 150+ Kg

Why This Folding Sidhi/Ladder?

The ladder comes with a soft, convenient hand grip. It makes easy to climb and carry. The durable powder coat finish gives it an anti-corrosive protection. Also, it has more standing space on top. This ladder has a solid metal frame and anti-slip metal steps with rubber covering. Large anti-slip feet provides extra stability to make you feel safe and comfortable. 

Light weight, yet it can withstand a maximum load of 150 kg. Solid metal frame and feet keep floors from getting scratched. 

The extra wide steps can carry most foot sizes. The user  has a completely stable place to stand and work. This  ladder folds up quickly for easy storage. Compact in size as it takes up minimal space. Easy for convenient storage and transportation.


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