Harpic Platinum Active Shield Review

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Harpic Platinum Active Shield Review

In a country like India, where acute water shortage is a key barrier in maintaining the cleanliness of the toilets in several homes, Harpic Platinum Active Shield helps save water and sustain it for a better tomorrow. So that no home has to compromise on health and hygiene.

A bottle of Harpic combines the benefits of tough stain removal, 99.9% germ kill, and freshness into one single product. Upgrade to the expert one-stop solution. A bottle of Harpic Platinum Active Shield removes tough stains, kills 99.9% of germs, and gives your bathroom a pleasant fresh fragrance.

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Harpic Platinum Active Shield

Harpic Platinum Active shield combines the powerful stain removal of Harpic with revolutionary stain-resistant technology. It prevents stains from sticking by forming a protective non-stick layer and keeps your toilet cleaner for longer.

Use the New Harpic platinum active-shield for a toilet that is not just clean, but also stays clean, for up to 100 flushes! 

Harpic Platinum Active Shield

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  • Harpic cleaner with stain-resistant technology
  • Comes with a protective non-stick layer
  • Helps in preventing stain build-up
  • Keeps your toilet clean for up to 100 flushes in one single wash
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Powerful stain removal including limescale and rust
  • Leaves your toilet clean for longer

Normal Harpic Vs Harpic Platinum Active Shield

Each of the words written above is related to what the company says about its product. So what is the reality? Does it worth buying or not Let’s discuss. Let’s discuss if this product is really different or just the same.

After studying thousands of reviews we found something which can be really helpful to you if plan to try this product. 

(1). Well cost wise it is 20 Rupees expensive to normal harpic toilet cleaner. However, the thing which makes it stand apart is its Lavender fragrance. 

Each time you go to the toilet you will feel the Lavender fragrance like you are pooping or peeing in a garden. It seems unimaginative at once. The other thing is – just think whether you will enjoy lavender fragrance during pooping or the other smell ( now you know what I mean). 

So it totally depends on your choice whether you want a normal harpic toilet cleaner or this newest arrival in the Harpic family.

(2). They claim that your toilet will be clean up to 100 flushes. But to disappoint you I must say that this story is not completely true. What is the reason?

The products are tested in a laboratory where the testing environment is different in comparison to the real application. However, your toilet might be clean up to 60-70 flushes seems logical when applied in reality.

Should You Buy It?

The product is around 15-20 Rs more expensive but it delivers an excellent Lavender fragrance so the extra money you pay for this harpic toilet cleaner is for fragrance only. 

The cleaning quality is the same as the normal harpic cleaner. So if you want to enjoy the freshness in your toilet then you must try this out.

Thank you for reading this far. I hope this helped.


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