iBELL fl8379 Rechargeable Torch Online Super Bright LED Light [Review 2021]

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iBELL FL8289 Rechargeable Torch Flashlight, Ultra Long Beam Range, Aircraft Aluminium Body, Super Bright LED Light [Review 2021]

iBELL FL8289 Rechargeable Torch Flashlight, Ultra Long Beam Range, Aircraft Aluminium Body, Super Bright LED Light

Is there too much electricity breakdown in your city? Do you find it difficult to walk at night? The answer can be yes. Many people have to work night shifts.

Sometimes you have to fix something in your house but there is too much darkness that you are unable to see. Also, the old people need much more care than the young and adults.

Nowadays, most people have inverter and batteries in their homes. But not everyone has these facilities.

However, people are helpless at night for doing a very specific fixing task even they have an inverter battery supply in their homes.

The most simple and straightforward solution is having a torch light. ibell torch 8289 comes in very handy in these situations.

But what should we need to check before buying a torchlight?

ibell fl8379 rechargeable torch online

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Before Buying ibell fl8289 rechargeable torch flashlight

One should keep in his mind 4 major things before buying a flashlight. The key features to keep in mind are the battery life, lumens, durability and ofcourse the budget. Let us see these features discussed below –

(1). The battery of ibell 8289 Torch

There are two main categories named rechargeable and non-rechargeable torches. A rechargeable battery is perfect for those who use it more often.

You need your light for work. Then a torch with rechargeable batteries could help save you money over time.

(2). Light Coming Out of ibell Torch fl8289

The more Lumens a rechargeable torch puts out the brighter your flashlight’s beam will be. ibell fl8379 rechargeable torch flashlight is in adequate quantity.

For example, a flashlight with an output of 500 Lumens is brighter and has a farther beam than a flashlight with say 200 Lumens.

ibell fl8379 rechargeable torch online

(3). ibell Torch fl8289 Is Durable

Durability doesn’t matter to everyone but it is one factor that shouldn’t be overlooked when buying a new flashlight.

As a professional, you will want to look into a flashlight that can keep up and last through tough conditions. You want a flashlight that can be dropped from higher distances.

Also, it can resist water penetration to a greater extent. Moreover, if you only need an everyday carry then you can get something with a normal torch.

(4). Budget

This is the factor that you must think about. Most people don’t realize it and they pick wrong one for them.

ibell fl8379 rechargeable torch online

ibell fl8289 Rechargeable Torch Flashlight Features

  • Ultra Long Distance Beam Range
  • Water-resistant
  • Highly Sturdy and Secure Aircraft Aluminium Body
  • LED lamp life up to 100,000 Hrs
  • Bright cool daylight
  • Unbreakable front cover glass
  • ACDC 110V-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Charge this for 10 hours before its first use
  • Recommended for Home, Security & Camping Uses
  • Rotary switch
  • Built-in rechargeable unit

Reasons to Carry a Flashlight Everyday

Primarily a flashlight offers you artificial light in the darkness. There are many chances when you can find a flashlight handy. 

Suppose you have lost your keys under the bed. Then you can’t find it even there is a day or lights on at night condition. Here comes the need for a flashlight and you use it to find your belongings.

It can also be used to counter an attack at night when you suspect any robbery act. The flashlight then becomes your great weapon to avoid a clash.

How? Flashlight often comes in handy when anyone is subjected to a direct flashlight. It makes the robbery suspect temporarily blind. So, it can help you.

All in all a flashlight is a self-defense weapon that is legal in every country around the world.

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