Magnetic Drywipe Whiteboard India AmazonBasics Whiteboard Drywipe Magnetic With Pen Tray

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AmazonBasics Whiteboard Drywipe Magnetic with Pen Tray and Aluminium Trim, Includes 6 magnets, 1 eraser, and 2 dry-erase markers, 2.95 ft x 1.96 ft (WxH)

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Are you worried about your presentations? Does a Maths problem give you trouble? Are you a professional or a teacher who needs an awesome thing on which you can present your knowledge?

Well, a drywipe magnetic whiteboard is a perfect choice for your problem. There are lots of whiteboards available in the market. Not every board is the right choice for you.

You need a whiteboard that suits your requirements. We have discovered a perfect magnetic drywipe whiteboard that will solve your problem.

Whiteboards are great when you are brainstorming and solving your problems. Whiteboards give you the liberty to write down your different ideas and connect them. In many cases, you might need to leave notes for your family when you are in a hurry and need to go.

Magnetic drywipe whiteboard india

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This is a very useful tool for any well-organized space. Magnetic whiteboard makes your life easy as you can write important schedules, appointment reminders, household chores, work deadlines, and more.

The whiteboard measures 2.95 ft x 1.96 ft (WxH). You can mount it on the wall. Even a kit comes with this board.


  • Magnetic dry-wipe board for home or office
  • Smooth, magnetic writing surface
  • great for leaving notes or posting reminders
  • Durable design with aluminium trim and pen tray
  • wall-mountable (kit included)
  • Includes 6 magnets, 1 eraser, and 2 dry-erase markers
  • Measures 2.95 ft x 1.96 ft (WxH)

Magnetic drywipe whiteboard india

Important Keypoints

(1)- Dry-Wipe Writing Surface

The surface of the board is smooth for writing. You can use any dry-erase marker. The eraser removes the ink with a simple swipe.

It allows you easy editing and quick start-overs. From making to-do lists at home to brainstorming at the office, the whiteboard offers you amazing space.

(2)- Magnetic Surface for Convenience

Start writing or drawing without any hassle. The whiteboard’s surface allows for attaching paper using magnets.

You can post a shopping list or keep track of small notes. Secure your notes on the magnetic whiteboard with the supplied magnets.

(3)- Durable And Flexible

The whiteboard is very light in weight. It features rustproof, zinc-coated metal on the back. Also, it has a magnetic, lacquered steel, dry-wipe surface on the front.

A contoured aluminium trim frames the whiteboard for added strength and durability. An integrated tray is there on the bottom of the whiteboard.

The tray offers handy storage space for pens and eraser.


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