Plastic Fridge Bottle Set For This Hot Summer! India [2020]

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Plastic Fridge Bottle Set For This Hot Summer! India [2020]

Today we will get to know about an amazing product by Amazon. We will talk about amazon solimo plastic fridge bottle set for this hot weather.

Summer is on its peak. In this season people should be very care about their health. Drink a lot of water. Never go outside without drinking water.

The demand of cold water is more now a days. So if you are planning to buy a new fidge bottle set for this summer then your search ends here. 

The bottle set which we are about to show you is very strong and good looking too. It will look very good inside your fridge.

These bottles are very stylish. Just store the water and keep the bottles in fridge. You will really like this bottle set for fridge. 

Amazon Solimo Plastic Fridge Bottle Set

Plastic Fridge Bottle Set


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  • This bottle set is best fit for your regular household use
  • Weight of each bottle is around 110 gms
  • Tested material which is very thick to avoid any heat transfer
  • PET material is used to make bottles.
  • Very safe and also very easy to store water.
  • High quality food grade plastic
  • No BPA content is present is making the bottle
  • Very beautiful fridge plastic bottle set, very appealing
  • Comes with multicolour bottles
  • Three bottles in one set
  • Each bottle capacity is 1000 ml which is quite good to avoid quick refilling issue
  • Very fine grip and beautiful design
  • Fashionable and trending
  • Has three different designs available. Choose any one which you like the most
  • Neck diameter is 3.2 cms and also very easy to use
  • No leakage problem as the product is spill proof
  • Very good bottle set for storing cold water at room temperature


  • Not meant for storing hot water (Who does store hot water in a plastic bottle btw ?)

Very Beautiful And Attractive Design

Plastic Fridge Bottle Set As you can see that the fridge looks very good with these beautiful water bottles. The bottles have different colors available. In the picture you can see three bottles right now. Orange, blue and sap green bottles look too organic inside the fridge. There are other pattern variety available too. That will also look good.





Amazon Solimo plastic fridge bottle set is really an amazing product by amazon. The product is being liked very much by the audience on Amazon website too. The consumers are giving it a good start rating.


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