Buy Spartan Screwdriver Kit India [2020]

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Portable Screwdriver Kit For Home Use

Many a time it happens when something really needs a quick fix. And you just run for some screwdriver. But the problem is that your screwdriver can not fix that problem because its size it not meeting the requirements. So today we shall see Spartan BS-01 Screwdriver Kit that can help you in such tough situations.

This screwdriver kit contains a portable screwdriver with 5 different types of steel blades. All the things are covered in a plastic box for storage. The plastic storage box makes it easy to take this screwdriver kit anywhere, anytime. Also, the screwdriver is completely portable.

You have 5 different types of blades which can be used according to the size requirements. So, let’s see the great features of this screwdriver kit.

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Buy Spartan BS-01 Screwdriver Kit India

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  • Unit Material is Steel and Plastic
  • Color: Assorted
  • The package box contents 1-Piece screwdriver and 5-pieces blades with tester
  • The magnetized blade tip lifts small screw or to hold the screw in position
  • The blade is made from high grade silicon – manganese steel
  • The blade is differentially hardened and tempered
  • Resists wear or bending
  • The handle is made from high grade CA plastic


  • Smart blades
  • Efficient storage
  • User friendly


  • Can not use on micro screws like mobile phone and spectacles

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Why this Screwdriver Kit?

If you are a mechanic or a person who likes to do things himself, then Spartan screwdriver is the best made kit for you. This screwdriver kit set would be a perfect choice for you. It contains 5-pieces of adjustable screwdriver heads. Also you get a tester along with kit that would adjust or fix nearly everything out there. All the tools are well organized. Also, the tools are packed in a plastic box for greater convenience. All these features make it a must have set that one needs for daily requirements.

Screwdriver Kit

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Frequently Asked Question

Q(1). Does this screwdriver kit have magnetic effect?

Ans. Yes, this screwdriver kit has a magnetic effect. It attracts the screws to easily put them out.

Q(2). Will you be able to use on PC screws?

Ans. Yes, you can use it for PC.

Q(3). What is the size of screwdriver including handle?

Ans. The size is around 15 cm long.

Q(4). Does it have tester arrangement?

Ans. Yes, you can use it as an electricity tester too.

Q(5). Can we use it on door panel?

Ans. Yes, you can use it on door panel.

Q(6). Can we use it on portable hard drive and laptops?

Ans. Yes, you can use it on portable hard drive and laptop.

Q(7). Is there any rust problem?

Ans. There is no rust problem but it would be wise to keep this screwdriver away from moisture.

Q(8). Can you use its blade in portable drill machine?

Ans. No, you can not use its blade with drill machine. Drill bits are made with stronger material.

Q(9). Can we use it on mobile phone screws and spectacles?

Ans. No.

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If you are a do it yourself type of person then this is a must have screwdriver kit for you. You will easily sort out your daily life problems.

However, you can not use this kit on mobile phone and spectacles. The blades are made of steel. Good plastic case is provided with kit.

All in all a good portable must have product under budget.

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