SSC Maths Solution : Best Book For All Exams

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SSC Maths Solution : Best Book For All Exams With Solution

Hey guys! If you are an SSC aspirant and if you want to know the best SSC Maths book Then your journey ends here. Today I will be telling you about best SSC Maths Solution book that will lower your burden.

It does not matter if you are experienced or just starting out in government jobs preparation. The main thing is newbies often find it very hard to read any new book. The new preparing aspirants want best ssc maths book with solutions.

I know there are so many choices around you but do not worry. The book which I have used personally will help you a lot. This is the best SSC Maths solution book available in market.

Best Book For SSC Maths

Well I have found two very useful books for ssc maths which are available with detailed solutions. Those two books are discussed below.

  1. Rakesh Yadav SSC Maths
  2. Kiran SSC Maths

These above mentioned books are best books for SSC Maths. The best thing is that these two books are very easy to read and understand. Rakesh Yadav SSC maths is especially designed to help newbies. However Kiran SSC Maths is also equally good.

Both these books come with a very large amount of questions. You will have more than 7000 questions that are important for your exams.

The good thing about SSC exam is that questions are repeated too often and these all repeating questions are covered in these books. However you have to choose only one out of these two books.

SSC Maths questions are sometimes very easy but other times you find it hard to solve. This happens because you are unaware of SSC Maths tricks. These books cover SSC Maths solution with explanation of short tricks to solve.

So Lets take a look on both these books.

(1). Rakesh Yadav SSC Maths

Rakesh Yadav SSC Maths book consists of 7300+ frequently asked important questions. I personally solved all of them in about 3 months with a decent moderate speed.

After solving these questions, trust me I always get 95% to 100% accuracy. There is hardly any ssc maths question that I can’t solve after solving this book.

Maths plays a very important role in SSC exams as you already know. So get this book for you and get rid of tension of SSC Maths part in Your Government exams preparation.

SSC Maths Solution


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  • Book is written by Rakesh Yadav sir who himself got selected as excise inspector.
  • This SSC Maths book contains over 9000+ questions with solutions at the end.
  • Best book for inducing confidence.
  • Objective questions type SSC maths book.
  • Good paper quality.
  • Bilingual


  • Some questions have misprint issue.

(2). Kiran SSC Maths

Kiran SSC Maths book is a good alternative after Rakesh Yadav SSC Maths books. If you somehow can’t get first ssc maths book then Kiran publication book is also good for you.

Kiran SSC maths book has also 9100+ questions that are frequently asked in different govt job exams. These question are well defined with detailed solution.

SSC Maths Solution


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  • Well designed book with great structure.
  • Contains over 9100 questions.
  • Objective question with explanation at the end of chapter.
  • Confidence Booster.


  • Paper quality is not so good but still acceptable.
  • I personally didn’t like font size.

My Personal Opinion

Personally I think that Rakesh Yadav SSC Maths book is really great for exam preparation. I have used it and found my maths score upto 95% that is really great. The second book is also good.


You can choose any of the above books. Both books provide value. Choose any book to start your govt jobs preparation.

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