How HealthSense Facial Steam Inhaler Can Save You From Troubles!

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How Facial Steam Inhaler Can Save You From Troubles!

HealthSense Facial Steam Inhaler India

Do you have a serious problem with nose nostle blockage? Does it make it hard to breathe in and out for you? Well, generally people use inhaling steam when they get caught by cold.

They also use inhalers when they feel it hard to breathe easily. But the question is whether it helps or not? The truth is that steam inhalation may not cure the infection.

But there is a surety that it can help bring relief from the cold. It helps you fight against cold and breathing issues. Furthermore, it helps you fight against infection.

The short story is that this whole process of steam inhalation is called Steam therapy. This therapy involves inhaling hot water vapors.

These vapors go inside your nose and loosen the mucus present in the nasal channels, throat, and lungs. This is how these vapors make you get rid of the irritation.

However, it is essential to learn how to safely use steam for cold lest you suffer an unwanted accident.

Is Steam Therapy Safe?

No doubt that steam therapy is a completely natural process. Moreover, it does not have any harmful side effects. What harm can it produce? Steam is just droplets of water.

Another fact is that we humans constitute almost 70 percent of water. So, it is a way of replenishing our body’s natural elements.

Also, it is very economical. One steam unit will never be a burden on your pocket. Also if you use it carefully you will not have to buy it again for many years. It will last for many seasons of cold and flu.

HealthSense Nano-Cure FS 550 Facial Steamer & Medical Steam Inhaler Vaporizer with Nano-Ionic Technology, UV Sterilization, 55ml water tank 

HealthSense Nano-Cure FS 550 Facial Steamer & Medical Steam Inhaler Vaporizer with Nano-Ionic Technology, UV Sterilization, 55ml water tank

The Healthsense nano-cure facial ionic steam inhaler and vaporizer is a great product from the Healthsense brand. This steamer uses advanced nano ionic steam technology.

It also uses a segmented atomization system to generate a soothing effect. Hot-spring-like waves of ionic steam particles are 4,000 times finer than traditional steam. This is done to penetrate and moisturize the skin.

steam inhaler india


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  • This product is child safe
  • Nano-Cure does not sprinkle water from the outlet 
  • Safe for kids & adults
  • Provides efficient therapy for respiratory ailments like sinusitis, allergies, rhinitis
  • Improves sensory capabilities in children
  • Clears nasal and sinus passages to ease congestion
  • Effectively relieves cough, cold, flu, bronchitis
  • Quick Relief alleviates sinusitis, allergies, rhinitis & other breathing disorders
  • Produces fine nanometer-sized steam with negatively charged ions.
  • Consistent & wide steam flow
  • Covers entire face
  • Uv sterilized hot steam to ensure hygiene while the skin & nasal passage is being treated
  • Ceramic PTC heating element ensures fast heating within 40 seconds

 The nano-steam not only provides you with a deep and thorough cleansing experience but also moisturizes the skin. It is very useful in stimulating circulation in the face.

One more cool thing is that it is a stylish, compact, and hand-held machine. Portable design allows you to steam your face and keep a healthy, natural-looking complexion.

Use this machine whenever you want and wherever you go. This product is child Safe as nano cure does not sprinkle water from the outlet. This is why this is safe for kids and adults.

It provides efficient therapy for respiratory ailments. This steam inhaler improves sensory capabilities in children. Last but not least is that it is lightweight and portable.

Precautions Steam Inhaler India

Precautions are very necessary. Even steam inhalation should be done correctly. If you do it correctly It is a safe procedure. But you can hurt yourself if you are careless.

There is a possible risk of getting scalded because of the hot water. especially if you happen to knock over the bowl containing the steaming water. Certain precautions should be taken before inhaling steam

  • Firstly, make sure that you put the bowl of warm water on a leveled stable surface. The surface should be flat. There should not be a risk of it falling over.
  • Do not go too close over the bowl. It might get you to burn injuries.
  • Always close your eyes during the inhalation process or you can use eye protection.
  • Ensure that there are no children or pets around. They can get you trouble if you have closed your eyes. 
  • An electric vaporizer is best for all kinds of human beings.
  • Refrain from inhaling the steam for more than 10 minutes for every session. You can always repeat the steam therapy two to three times a day to get the desired relief.
  • Before using an electric vaporizer, make sure to clean its filter and bucket properly. Clean it after every use. This will resist and prevent fungal and bacterial growth.

FAQs Steam Inhaler India


Q(1). Is Steam Harmful For The Lungs?

Ans.  Steam is not likely to harm the lungs

Q(2). Does Steam Inhaler Clear Lungs?

Ans. Well, add a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil to the warm water and then inhale to cleanse the lungs naturally.

Q(3). Is It Harmful To Inhale The Vaporous Steam?

Ans. No, it is not harmful. Humidifiers are quite safe to use. The main aim of a humidifier is for the sick person to take in the vaporous steam. All you have to make sure is that the humidifier is clean. Clean it to avoid bacteria and molds as they usually flourish in murky, warm water.

Q(4). Does Steam Help a Baby’s Cold?

Ans. Yes, steam cleaning can help release congestion and dismiss some of the uneasiness of the cold. Moreover, It is safe for a baby also.

However, in case you fail to get any relief from steam therapy even after a week or so, it is wise to consult a doctor.

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