Sublimation T Shirt Printing Machine | Home Business India 2020

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Sublimation T Shirt Printing Machine | Business From Home With Very Low Cost

Hey guys! Do you have any idea about employment status of India? On 3 May, 2020 it was 26%. That means 26 out of 100 people are unemployed due to Corona virus Covid-19 and Lockdown process. The educated people can handle their jobs after lockdown but what about other people? This is really unfortunate that some well qualified candidates are also unemployed. So, today we will focus on sublimation t shirt printing machine as this small business idea is the best fit for anyone in India.sublimation t shirt printing machine

The harsh truth of employment in India is that due to over population, govt and pvt jobs are very limited. The condition of our country in terms of jobs is “Ek anaar sau beemar.”

Lakhs of Indian students prepare for govt jobs. They do their best but unfortunately they don’t get any govt job. This leads them to depression and anxiety.

The key idea is to try a year or two for preparation but after that stop doing this and look for another earning source.

Just take the recent example of Indian Railways vacancy. There were around 62000+ jobs in 2018 but forms were filled in lakhs. So, how is it possible to get a govt job for every person?

And what about private jobs? Private jobs are also good but not every private job is good. Even some companies hire people and take too much work from them. What happens next is not a unknown thing to you.

Conditions Of Employment: An Eye Opener

People leave their private jobs and again start preparing for govt jobs or look for another private jobs. The harsh reality of private job is that standard private companies require so many skills that every person can not possess.

sublimation t shirt printing machine

So what now? Are you a person who really doesn’t fit in any of the above categories? Then yes you are at a right article. Here you will get one idea of being an entrepreneur and starting your small business from home.

It does not matter whether you are a Phd holder or a normal 10th fail candidate. All that matters is that you should have an urge to start a business from home.

Yes you heard that right, the best way to kick this ugly unemployed status from your life is to become an entrepreneur. Just do what our P.M. says “Atmnirbhar baniye.”

Being a guy who does not earn makes his ways open to depression and anxiety. All you have to do is to just do some research as much as you can. Well, you have to do some market research.

The best thing is that this idea is applicable not only for local business but also for online business too. So you have more opportunities. Just open your mind and let the idea come inside your head.

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T-Shirt Printing Business

So, the first idea is about t-shirt printing business. Do you have any idea about the demand of printed t-shirts in our country? Printed t-shirts have a huge demand in Indian market.

How am I justifying the above statement? Well, just think that India is the only country in the whole world which contains each religion people.

India is full of festivals. And festival means celebrations. Celebration means functions and activities. Activities mean different clothing and in this category printed t-shirt fits best.

Just think about festival Navratri. so many activities are done in our country. People perform on different platforms. They need specially designed bhakti printed t-shirts.

Apart from this some people worship Hanuman ji, Shiv ji, Ram Ji, Krishna Ji, Vahe Guru, Buddha ji and other various Gods. This makes another good opportunity in front of you.

What about school and colleges and universities? This is a well known fact that these social places are very crucial as they have several fests and other activities through out the year.

The most important thing is that these people don’t have any idea where to go for printed t shirts for their fest activities. They search for people like you who offer customized printed t shirts.

Just contact in your area range and offer your service to these people. If you manage to get in touch with schools, colleges and universities then your popularity of service will start. Your business will definitely grow.

Think about a trending T.V. or Youtube thing. The best example is “Baba ji ka Thullu.” People were crazy about this insane dialogue from The Kapil Sharma Show. All they wanted was a t shirt which has this slogan printed on.

What About Brands?

You should notice that every popular brand also invest in printed t shirts to increase their revenue. Printed t shirt is also helpful in advertising. Just take an example of “Draw with Jazza” youtube channel.

Not only Jazza but other youtubers and well known brands serve these things. Did you ever notice that? Now you should.

If these well known brands are serving these printed t shirts then they surely order these things somewhere. Here your role comes in. Just get in contact with these people.

If you can’t get to these people or if they deny your proposal then look for your local market. Contact different shop owners and provide them your catalog books and offer them some commission.

Yes, commission will increase your orders.

Other idea is to take orders from fiverr or other freelancing websites. All you have to do is make your seller account on fiverr and make a gig.

When you get orders just provide your customers the best quality in affordable prices. This will increase your buyer trust and you will get orders.

You can also make seller account on amazon and make money from there. Online market has so many opportunities for you that you can not think about. So do not ignore this idea.

T Shirt Printing Business Requirements

Here you will require some things that are key to start your business. I am listing those thing below-

(1). T-Shirt Printing Machine

(2). Inkjet Color Printer

(3). Sublimation Paper

(4). Plain T-Shirts

(5). Tape and Teflon Sheets

Do not worry, I have listed all of them in this article with their pros and cons.

Coffee Mug Printing

sublimation t shirt printing machine

The second idea comes here is Coffee mug printing. This idea is also a good choice for those who really are interested in being an entrepreneur. This is similar to t shirt printing business idea.

Many franchises like offering printed coffee mugs to their customers. Here comes your role. You do that work and provide your service.

If you look for local or online business, there are lots of opportunities. Simple example is about kids. Kids like to have everything to look like as their superheroes.

If a kid like Iron man then he will also wish to have a printed mug with iron man on it. As simple as that.

Just look for festivals. At holi, people wants some holi related coffee mugs. Just think about the time and opportunity.

Coffee mug printing business is really a great idea to make a lot of money from it.

Coffee Mug Printing Business Requirements

(1). Mug Sublimation Printer

(2). Sublimation paper and Tape

(3). Plain Coffee Mug

(4). Inkjet Color Printer

Mobile Cover Printing Business

sublimation t shirt printing machine

Mobile covers have a huge demand in the market. This is not hidden from anyone. If you have not thought about this then you have been missing a great opportunity.

People invest too much on their cell phones. People want their phones to look great and they spend too much on mobile covers.

Just look for trending things. For example, if a person is a fan of Batman then he will like Batman printed cover for his phone. But Joker is more popular though 😛

Mobile cover printing business is best fit not only for local business but also for online business. Either online or offline, printed mobile covers have huge demand.

Mobile Cover Printing Business Requirements

(1). Sublimation Printer

(2). Sublimation paper and Tape

(3). Plain mobile covers

(4). Inkjet Color Printer

All Three Business In One Shot?

So what will be your expressions if I say that you can start all three businesses in one shot. Yes, you definitely can. These businesses can be started with same machine.

The sublimation printer, inkjet printer, sublimation tape and paper are common for all business. Only thing that changes is raw material.

You will need plain t shirts for tshirt printing business, plain coffee mugs for coffee mug printing business and plain mobile covers for mobile cover printing business.

So now we will get to see review of these required products for small business from home.

Material Required For Starting All Three Printing Business

(1). Sublimation T Shirt Printing Machine

Sublimation t shirt printing machine | Sublimation t shirt printing machine

The first thing you need for starting t shirt printing business is a 3d sublimation printer. This printer will help you design and print on t shirts, coffee mugs and mobile covers too.

3d sublimation printer works on heat transfer technique.

sublimation t shirt printing machine


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  • Works on latest sublimation technology.
  • Very efficient and it can print up to 12 mugs at same time.
  • Multipurpose use for t shirt, coffee mug and mobile cover printing.
  • You can control it either by software or manually with button pressing.
  • Automatic power off after 15 minutes.
  • Easy to operate and eco-friendly.
  • Works on any type of material like mug, crystal, plastic, fabric and much more.
  • Reliable machine

Power Requirements

  • Voltage:110 V /220 V
  • 2800W
  • CBM:0.18CBM
  • Vacuum pump:12 V/10 W
  • Max vacuum: -640 mmHg
  • Pressure: -0.06 ~ 0.07 Pa

You will get essential accessories like clamp and other things with product but the raw material will not be provided. You can buy plain t shirts from anywhere you like.


  • Multiple business from home facility
  • Automatic power off for safety
  • Triupati enterprise is a well known brand


  • Weight is 26 Kg

(2). Epson Multi function Color Printer

Now you might be thinking why is this separate printer required? Well, answer is simple that this printer will print the required design on sublimation paper.

And after printing things on sublimation paper, you are ready to print that on t shirt, coffee mug or mobile cover. You can print any thing with great quality by this printer.

This multi function printer is usable not only for your business purposes but also for other home purposes too. Let’s take a look on this printer’s specifications.



Buy At Amazon


  • Multifunction, all in one, ink tank type USB color printer.
  • Flatbed scanner.
  • You can do print, scan and copy.
  • 15 pages per minute color printing capacity.
  • 5760*1440 dpi is its resolution of printing.
  • A4,A5,A6,C6 and B5 Paper support.
  • Compact design.
  • Energy saver as less power consumption.
  • Comes with 4 original ink bottles with product.


  • No electricity bill burden
  • Awesome resolution of 5760 dpi
  • Multi function features are really great


  • No wifi support

(3). HP 245 G6 Laptop

If you already have a laptop then you do not need to invest on this. Just use that or borrow from your friends. But if you want to have one for your office use then you can get this laptop at affordable price.

Any laptop would work so do not go for specifications too much.

hp laptop


Buy At Amazon


  • 1.8GHz AMD A6-9225 processor
  • RAM is 4gb ddr4
  • Hard disk is 1 TB
  • 14-inch screen
  • Comes with MS DOS operating system
  • Weight is 1.85kg 
  • AMD Radeon R4 Graphics
  • Great for normal works.


  • Best laptop in budget
  • MSDOS operating system


  • Weight is 1.85 Kg that seems quite heavy but still manageable

(4). Formujet Sublimation Tape

Now you also need a specific type of tape that is called sublimation tape. This tape holds your print object with your printable object tightly.

Tightness is really required as loosening will deform your design. You might not get desired results if you are not using specific sublimation tape.

Sublimation tape has the quality of hight heat resistant as normal cello tape can not withstand that much heat during printing process.

sublimation tape


Buy At Amazon


  • High temperature resistant
  • Best for mug printing or mobile cover printing


We have discussed three in one business opportunities at a time. Now it is totally up to you whether you wish to apply this idea practically or not. We do not insist on anyone to do this business.

If you really feel good to start then you can. But one thing is sure that you must analyze your market too. Market analysis is really helpful for knowing about demands of customers.

However T-shirt printing business is really great as people are earning over 75000 per months. It all depends on how one starts doing thing.

3d sublimation printing machine is revolutionary as you saw three different business ideas can be started from scratch.

If you do this with perfect strategy then you will definitely get rewarded.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found this article helpful and understanding. Feel free to share it with your friends. Take care.


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