Types of Room Heaters: A Brief Introduction

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Types of Room Heaters: A Brief Introduction

When it comes to choose a right room heater for you, you might get confused. There are so many types of room heaters available in the market which you might know. Some of these heaters are known to you but some are not so feel free to comment how many of these you did know already. Let’s start the brief introduction.

types of room heaters

1. Oil-Filled Radiators Room Heaters

Oil Filled Radiators or OFRs are devices which work on the concept of ambient heating. They host machine grade oil in their chassis which when heated up by the heating element circulates in the body of the device. This heat is then disseminated into the surroundings slowly through the process of heat radiation. They are best used for overall heating of the room and are the ideal choice for creating a comfortable environment for prolonged periods.

1(a). PTC OFR

These OFRs come equipped with best in class PTC technology heating element to give you not just quick and efficient heating but also help you reduce electricity bills with their exceptional power saving.

1(b). Non-PTC OFR

These OFRs are made to provide you with a comfortable heating experience while being economical on power consumption. They promise to provide you comfort and warmth for a prolonged period throughout this winter season.

2. Fan Room Heaters

As the name suggests, these devices work on providing heat by passing air over a heated element with the help of a fan. They are known for the warm breeze they give out as soon as they are turned on and promise to give you instant relief and comfort from the harsh wintery chills. They are best used for directional and spot/personal heating.

2(a). Fan Heaters

The conventional heaters that have always been around in your homes. They are compact and portable, making them very easy to take around as you move from one room to the other.

2(b). PTC Element Heaters

Equipped with Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) technology, these heaters give an unbeatable combination of safety, effectiveness and efficiency.

3. Radiant Room Heaters

These heaters work on the technology of luminescent heating i.e. heating through light. When electricity is passed through the elements of these heaters, they emit a glow and release infrared radiation. These waves of radiation heat the area in the vicinity of the device and give a sense of warmth after coming directly in contact with your body. This is the most natural form of heating and is similar to how we get heat from the sun.

3(a). Carbon Heaters

Using carbon fiber heating element, carbon heaters are ideal for night-time use with their low luminescence. They generate infrared heat which not only spreads evenly across a room but also helps alleviates pain from sore muscles.

3(b). Halogen Heaters

Halogen Heaters use the latest in light technology for power savings by using a combination of Extra-long Heating Halogen tubes along with High-grade Reflectors for an uninterrupted and efficient heating experience.

3(c). Quartz Heater

The conventional rod heaters upgraded with Quartz Tubes are the face of this range of heaters. Quartz Tubes are quick to heat and consume low power, making them efficient and economical heat generators.

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