V Guard Geyser 15 litre For Winter

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V Guard Geyser 15 litre For Winter

The V Guard Geyser 15 litre  is carefully planned in a rectangular shape to supplement your beautiful inside. Outfitted with an advanced presentation and simple to work temperature control handle.

Victo  is helpful to utilize. The external body is made of hearty gentle steel and erosion safe Superior Powder Coating and the internal tank is made of great steel for solidness.

Outfitted with top notch PUF protection that assists with limiting warmth and force utilization, it is ideal for use in multistoreyed structures and withstands pressure up to 0.8 MPa( 8 kg/cm²).

V-Guard Victo 15 litres Water Geyser

V Guard Geyser 15 litre

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  • Advanced presentation for genuine feelings of serenity
  • External body made of strong gentle steel and consumption safe Superior Powder Coating Technology
  • Inward tank made of thick measure excellent steel and Glass-Lined Anti-Corrosive Coating
  • Incoloy 840 warming component
  • Whirlflow innovation
  • PUF Insulation
  • Simple to-work customizable temperature control handle
  • Rust-evidence ABS end cover
  • Ideal for multi-storeyed structures and can withstand 0.8 MPa(8 kg/cm2 )
  • Four layered security: indoor regulator, warm cut-out, conciliatory anode, multifunctional valve
  • Free establishment pack and friends approved establishment
  • 4 star BEE rating


Helpful Temperature Control Dial

Trapped in the middle of excessively hot and not-hot-enough? Take part in a hot water experience simply the manner in which you might want.

Here’s presenting to you a simple to-utilize temperature control handle introduced on the front board. It encourages you direct water temperature according to your inclination, so nothing interferes with your restoring shower time.

Worked to Last Long

The external assortment of Victo has been made of top notch mellow steel with against destructive powder covering making it keep going long, even in a profoundly sticky restroom climate.

Further, its inward tank has been made of thick-measure steel utilizing single-line welding innovation with Superior Glass-Lined Coating that shields it from erosion and unfavorable impacts of hard water. Consequently, guarantees the life span of your water radiator.

Four Layered Safety System

Your security is principal to us; consequently, we have joined 4 layered wellbeing framework in Victo.

Its Hi-tech indoor regulator and warm cut-out instruments guarantee exact temperature guideline and abstain from overheating by removing the force at a set temperature and during unordinary conditions.

The multifunctional valve guarantees ideal constrain control to shield your water warmer because of any outer/inside components. The Magnesium conciliatory anode shields the internal tank from erosion.

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