Wheatgrass Juice Ke Fayde | Awesome Wheatgrass Juice Benefits For Skin

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Wheatgrass Juice Ke Fayde | Awesome Wheatgrass Juice Benefits For Skin

Do you know that the normal looking wheatgrass can boost your life amazingly with the best beneficial results?Have you looked at Wheatgrass? You can’t even imagine that it could be so beneficial to your health and your skin. It is a reward and a natural treasure for us by nature. Today I will tell you why it is so.

I would tell you wheatgrass juice ke fayde or wheatgrass juice benefits for skin. It is now considered to be a superfood. You have heard that an apple a day keeps doctor away. The same thing suits here. Drinking ‘a glass of wheatgrass juice, a day can keep the doctor away’! It has amazing wonders. It can work wonders for your skin when applied topically or added into your skincare routine.

However wheatgrass is widely available in powder, juice and capsule form. You can purchase it online also. However, it is easy to grow at home and this way you can make your own wheatgrass juice and we believe fresh is always best. You can also mix wheatgrass juice into smoothies, salad dressings, teas and other beverages. Now lets take a closer look at the wheatgrass juice benefits for skin or wheatgrass juice ke fayde. We will discuss wheatgrass juice benefits for skin or wheatgrass juice ke fayde.

Kapiva Wheatgrass Juice – 1L

Wheatgrass is the young grass of the wheat plant. This is also known as a superfood. Wheatgrass is really a superfood because it has abundance of health and wellness benefits. It contains iron, magnesium, chlorophyll, enzymes, calcium and many other nutrients. Kapiva wheatgrass juicee maximizes the benefits of Wheatgrass by using the grass in its purest form. The fact is that it is prepared by cutting it 8 days after irrigation. You should know that the chlorophyll content is maximum at 8th day. Kapiva wheatgrass juice has no added artificial flavour or colour. This product has only natural products. This is why the colour of the juice varies seasonally.

wheatgrass juice ke fayde

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Kapiva’s Wheat Grass Juice is extracted from the purest Wheatgrass to ensure maximum benefits. Made entirely from organically grown ingredients, it does not contain any artificial flavours or colours – its rich green colour comes from chlorophyll, a natural anti-oxidant and blood strengthener. Instead of the regular 12-15 day timeline, we cut our Wheatgrass 8 days after irrigation, when the chlorophyll content is maximum, to obtain the greatest effects on health and wellness.


  • Packed with essential proteins (17 amino acids)
  • Enriched with vitamins and nutrients
  • Helps boost your nervous system
  • Also ensures balanced functioning of all bodily systems
  • Acts as an anti-ageing supplement
  • Also helps slow down greying of hair
  • Helps relieve sore throat through gargling
  • Improves the general condition of the mind and body
  • Gluten-free

Is Wheatgrass Juice Safe?

Wheatgrass juice has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic practices to help with digestion, enable weight management, reduce blood pressure, cleanse the liver and much more. It has more vitamin A than carrots, more vitamin C than oranges and the total amount of nutrients in 0.02 kg of Wheatgrass exceeds the nutrients found in up to 1 kg of fresh green vegetables! Its juice is also gluten-free and safe for those with allergies.

Wheatgrass juice ke fayde

(1). Contains Vitamins & Minerals

 Wheatgrass is enriched with high content of vitamins A, C and E. Apart from these vitamins, it contains iron, magnesium, calcium and amino acids. It also contains antioxidants, which prevent ageing. The chlorophyll improves the quality of your body’s red blood cells. It has more vitamin A than carrots, more vitamin C than oranges. But the most amazing fact is that total amount of nutrients in 200g of Wheatgrass exceeds the nutrients found in up to 1 kg of fresh green vegetables.

(2). Improves Digestion

Wheat grass juice contains high amount of fibre, enzymes and vitamin C. These essential contents improve metabolism by helping your body break down food and absorb nutrients. Wheatgrass juice also works as a detoxifying agent. It works and cleans your intestine. Healthy intestine means no gastric problem. This is great for bloating and constipation also. It stimulates the thyroid gland. We already know that this gland is the most important gland with regard to obesity and weight loss. It also purifies the blood, kidneys, liver and the urinary tract.

(3). Ayurvedic Medicine

Kapiva wheatgrass juice works for  your well-being. It is prepared by employing traditional Ayurvedic production processes. This product is the purest, organically-grown Wheatgrass made. This juice is prepared by cutting Wheatgrass 8 days after irrigation as compared to 12-15 normal days. After 8 days, the chlorophyll content is maximum. This juice obtain the greatest effects on health and wellness. Chlorophyll contains more light energy than any other food source. it aids in weight loss and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also given in the treatment of cancer according to Ayurvedic methodology.

(4). Helps Build Immunity

Add 30 ML of Wheatgrass juice to chilled water or a fruit/vegetable smoothie to feel revitalised. You can take 30 ML of this juice with 30 ML of water twice a day. It will make you feel positive impact on your body. For getting maximum benefits, drink a glass of Wheatgrass Juice as soon as you wake up. Take it around 20 minutes before eating breakfast. All you have to keep in mind that you need to consume this juice on an empty stomach.

(5). Best For Entire Body

Are you having problems relates to teeth and gums. Wheatgrass juice can be used to prevent tooth decay. Also it soothes sore throats through gargling. It gives you relief from eye irritation. It boosts nervous system functions . This juice enhances capillary strength. Also it can eliminate harmful toxins in the body and increases energy levels.

(6). Wheatgrass juice benefits for skin

It delays the ageing effects by cleansing the skin. Wheat grass juice is best for controlling acne and preventing hair from greying. In a nutshell, Wheatgrass juice enhances your natural health and addresses both internal and external bodily issues.

(7). Medicinal Benefit

Irritated skin? No problem. You can use it for irritated skin. Use a cotton swab to dab irritated skin and reduce redness/inflammation.

(8). Smooth Shiny Hair 

Wheat grass juice is also beneficial for hair quality. Just massage onto body and scalp while bathing. Use it to cleanse skin and remove dandruff.



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