Why Philips Ac2887 Air Purifier Should Be In Your Home?

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Why Philips Ac2887 Air Purifier Should Be In Your Home?

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So You consider your home safest and therefore you find greatest peace. And You find it most relaxing. Yeah you may be right as Home is the only place where we find calmness after a hectic day. We enjoy most of our beloved activities like sleeping, eating, bathing, chatting with family and friends. It doesn’t matter how safe you feel but as we spend time indoors, you do not consider air quality. Air quality improves a lot of things in our surrounding. philips ac2887 air purifier review.

Do you know that indoor air can contain tiny microbe sized hazard particles. If these particles contacts your inner organ then you might have numerous and diverse effects on your health. It must be avoided anyhow. These particles can cause you from allergy or flu to other serious health hazards. Thanks to the modern technology that it has given us the best solution. Lets discuss some one liners why you should you should have an air purifier in your home.

Reasons Why You Need An Air Purifier

(1). For a healthy Lifestyle

(2). To get rid of chemical exposure to your loving family members

(3). If you work from home then this is a must have thing to keep your lungs safe for  a long time

(4). In case of pregnancy, it will protect both the mother and upcoming child from air borne hazardous particles

(5). If there are small kids in the house then it will keep them safe from many diseases as their immune system is weaker as compared to adults

(6). This becomes a must have if your house is situated at a place near to factory or a highway kind of place. There are many hazardous air borne things out their which can harm you unexpectedly

(7). Air purifiers prevent bad odor in your home. It keeps air fresh.

(8). No worry of autoimmune diseases

(9). It becomes a must have if you or one of your family member is an Asthma patient. This can be a great relief for you.

(10). Do you live near construction fields? Then this product should have a place in your home.

(11).  So you have pets but someone in your house is allergic to pets. Then just pick a right air purifier to purify air content which in turn improves air quality

Philips AC2887/20 High Efficiency Air purifier

The Philips Air Purifier comes with 3 automatic purification settings. The first mode is General mode. In this mode, air purifier works in extra-sensitive Allergen, extra-powerful bacteria and virus mode. Just choose your required mode. Enjoy and optimize your purification. It comes with functionality of Vitashield IPS with its aerodynamic design and NanoProtect Filter. These things gives a boost to clean air delivery rate up to 344 m3/hr. You will see that it can effectively remove ultra-fine particles as small as 20nm. Also you will feel the effectiveness of reducing harmful gases which are dangerous for your health otherwise.

philips ac2887 air purifier review


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The best thing is that it removes up to 99.9% bacteria and virus. It comes with AeraSense sensor. This sensor accurately identifies fine particles that are even smaller than PM2.5. It will work automatically. You need not to worry about any hassle.


  • Air purifier for room with High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter function
  • Can cover upto 441 sq. ft (normal bedroom / living room)
  • Aerasense PM2.5 air quality sensor
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate 333 m3/hr
  • Clean air delivery rate is 200 m³/hr
  • Noise is 20.5-51 dB, Frequency is 50/60 Hz
  • Power : 11~60 W, Voltage : 220 V
  • Realtime PM 2.5 measurement and display sensing technology
  • Pollution, allergen and bacteria or virus auto modes, 100 percent ozone free

Details philips ac2887 air purifier review

(1). AeraSense Technology

It comes with 3 smart pre-settings. You can choose from General, Allergen, and Bacteria & Virus modes. You can activate the relevant modes or an auto mode. Now you and your family can breathe in clean air.

(2). Life Span Of Filter

The filter lifetime is accurately calculated based on indoor pollution level, air flow and operation time. It will alert  you at the right time when you need to replace the filter. The purifier stops working if filter is not replaced at right time. This is to avoid ineffective purification. So you are always breathing in healthier air.

(3). Low Noise

No more unpleasent sounds . It has a silent mode in which the purifier turns down its fan speed and noise level to allow a comfortable night’s sleep.

(4). Auto Light Control

Both AQI and the light on the UI can be dimmed or turned off to avoid light disturbances.

(5). VitaShield IPS NanoProtect Filter

Vitashield IPS has its aerodynamic design and NanoProtect Filter works as a booster. It improves air delivery rate up to 344 m3/hr. It removes ultra fine particles as small as 20nm. Also it effectively reduces harmful gases such as formaldehyde, TVOC and odor. Moreover it removes up to 99.9% bacteria.

(6). Aerodynamic Design

Aerodynamic architecture boosts efficient airflow.

(7). Bacteria/ Virus Mode

Air sensors are capable of detecting bacterias and viruses. Therefore to reduce these particles effectively is to boost the airflow in adequate quantity to increase the air exchange per hour. This mode boosts the Air flow. After that the high quality HEPA filter captures the bacteria and virus by 99.9% for cleaner air output.

(8). Latest AeraSense Technology

AeraSense is a sensor that accurately identifies fine particles that are even smaller than PM2.5. All things are automatic. Thanks to latest technology. It processes the information to ensure if the purifier’s settings are at the ideal level. Then it starts purification of air.

(9). Allergen Mode

This purifier comes with the Allergen Mode. This mode includes a special algorithm from AeraSense. After accurately detecting these events, the purifier will automatically gives an extra boost to airflow. This instantly reduces the risk level of allergens to a minimum.

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